Sunday, September 24, 2006

Console Emulators for OS X

If you're a video game junky then I bet you'll love this one, I have found some console emulators for OS X that can run Atari, Nintendo, SEGA and other late generations of those consoles so I hope you find this useful.

  • Atari800MacX 3.4 [site] [download] [size: 4.2MB]
  • - For running Atari 800 ROMs.

  • Boycott Advance 0.3.8 [site] [download] [size: 1.4MB]
  • - Can run the majority of existing Gameboy Advance ROMs.

  • KiGB 2.0.3 [site] [download] [size: 2MB]
  • - Runs Nintindo Gameboy ROMs.

  • SMS Plus 1.2.3 [site] [download] [size: 1.5MB]
  • - Runs Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear ROMs.

  • VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.4 [site] [download] [size: 730KB]
  • - The ultimate GameBoy emulator! Can run Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance ROMs.

  • Generator 0.4.1 [site] [download] [size: 1.6MB]
  • Genesis Plus 1.2.8 [site] [download] [size: 1.7MB]
  • - Both emulators run Sega Genisis and Megadrive ROMs.

  • Mupen64 0.5 [site] [download] [size: 1.9MB]
  • sixtyforce 0.8.5b3 [site] [download] [size: 1MB] (shareware)
  • - Runs Nintindo N64 ROMs.

  • Nestopia 1.3.4 [site] [download] [size: 2.6MB]
  • RockNES 3.1.3 [site] [download] [size: 802MB]
  • - Runs Nintindo NES ROMs.

  • SNES9X 1.5 [site] [download] [size: 2.7MB]
  • - Runs Super Nintindo ROMs.

  • Stella 2.2 [site] [download] [size: 2.2MB]
  • - Runs the classic Atari 2600 ROMs.

  • Gcube 0.3b [site] [download] [size: 498KB]
  • - GameCube emulator for Mac. Unfortunately this project had been called off but it still does the job quite well.
    "Sad but true :(. Monk no longer has the means to continue developing this great emulator so the project is over."

  • PCSX [site] [download] [size: 1.3MB]
  • - "PCSX is a Sony Playstation™ (PSX) emulator which will allow you to play many PSOne game titles on a Macintosh Computer System. PCSX is not an original emulator but is ported from the Linux emulator of the same name. Since PCSX relies on plugins for core functionality several plugins have been ported and / or written from scratch. For simplicity these plugins are bundled with the main emulator download."

  • Flarestorm [site] [download] [size: ---]
  • - "Flarestorm is a new Playstation emulator made by 2510. It's in early state of development, but has advanced unbelievably quickly, the quickest I've seen any Playstation emulator development. It already supports many 2D games and some are playable, many main menu's also show. 3-D implimatation has just begun and is at a early stage, 2510 has also done much work on MDEC scenes which is most likly the hardest to code. It was originally coded for MacOS 9 but has now been rewritten for MacOS X (10) once and is being rewritten again."

    That's about all for now. I'm looking for Amiga OS emulators to run Amiga games. I sooo want to play Skid Marks and Cannon Fodder but unfortunately I couldn't find any emulators, yet. Also I still couldn't find any possible ways or applications to run Play Station, Game Cube, XBOX games though I guess if you have Intel Mac with Boot Camp and WinSh!t XP installed then it wouldn't be a hard thing to get.

    LAST UPDATE: (Nov. 23, '06)
    PS1 and GameCube emulators added.


    Anonymous said...

    i will one day start my apple journey with a mini mac...coz its most affordable!

    Anonymous said...

    i found a good deal somewhere...but no, not this year...may be by bext year I will go for I received my salary and started dispersing it LOL....I can count on days when my bank account reach below 50 hahahahha! LOL....

    The Criticizer said...

    LOL! Saving up for a Mac mini wouldn't lower your budget! imho.
    Stash some money each month and you'll get it in no time. ;)

    Anonymous said...

    ohh no! I dont know where my money is draining...but believe me...not on anything bad!....but for real needs! LOL...yeah I have to save up not just for mac....for a life...LOL

    Bloo said...

    cyberrowdy, why dont u consider mark's post about selling a mac mini for only 90 kd?

    The Criticizer said...

    LOL @ CyberRowdy! xD

    Bloo: *whispers* psssssttt... He wants to get married so I guess he's saving up for that! =P

    Anonymous said...

    Blooo...thats what I mentioned in my comment earlier.......but I dont the have budget!....the other thing is that its not intel powered...

    macaholiq...LOL@marriage ...hehehhe