Thursday, September 28, 2006

Downloading Flash Videos

Ok, so you want to download flash videos from sites such as YouTube, iFilm, Google Video, MetaCafe ...etc. Right? Well, search no more because here's what you have to do to download flash videos from almost any site.
1- Copy the link of the page where the video you want is on.

2- Go to, paste the link in the bar and choose from which site then click submit.

3- You will see a new "Download link" button in the middle of the page, ctrl-click and download the link to your desktop. It will download a file with ~~.flv extention. Note that in some cases the file will download with the extention of ~~.flv.txt (note the .TXT at the end), when this happens simply rename the file by removing the (.txt), you'll be permitted to change the file extention, choose (.flv).

4- Now that you have the file on your desktop, download Wimpy FLV Player, it's a free application that can run FLV and SWF files directly from your computer.

5- Run the application then drag and drop the .FLV file in it.

Simple? Yes indeed.


Anonymous said...

i've been dieing to know how to download the videos thanks bro!

The Criticizer said...

No problem! Glad to help with this.
If you're a Windows user then all you have to do is download the windows version of Wimpy FLV player (in step 4) by following the same directions. *thumbs up*