Tuesday, June 23, 2009

iPhone MMS Issues

Ok so the recent iPhone OS 3.0 update has a lot of features but the biggest hype about it can be concluded in four points...

  • Bidirectional languages support

  • Message forwarding

  • Copy / Cut / Paste

  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

The first three work fine but MMS doesn't work every time. Turns out the MMS APN setting gets reset after a while.

Now I'm not sure whether it's a bug in OS 3.0 or if there's anything causing the problem but what I know for sure is that it just won't remain there; it simply disappears without any reasonable cause.

I tried everything to store the APN (mms.wataniya.com) but it just won't happen. Everytime I do I go back to network settings to find out it's not there anymore.

The only method I found out to keep it working is to restart the iPhone, go to Settings > General > Networking > Cellular Data Network and re-enter the APN again and NEVER connect the iPhone to anything, neither a computer nor WiFi network!

Anyone having the same problem?

UPDATE: Problem resolved...

To avoid this problem you need to enter the APN for both Cellular Data and MMS.


iNoor said...

Me, but with my E71 :P

Everything works just great except for the MMS thing, mala8a!

Even Zain's website couldn't help :(

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MacaholiQ8 said...

I enjoy your off-topic comments, always draws a smile up my face.

But I want MMS to be fixed! :(

G-Funk said...

Mac : Have you tried the settings on our site ? most people reporting that it worked ! does it reset after you reboot your phone ? have you jailbroken your phone ?

MacaholiQ8 said...

I don't Jailbreak my iPhone, never did and probably never will.

My settings is exactly like the settings in your site, I got it from Wataniya technical support.

It doesn't reset when I restart unless I had WiFi connection active before restarting; as long as I do not activate WiFi the APN remains but once I initiate any connectivity it simply clears up / gets reset to blank! :\

Sunil said...

Iphone 2g dose not have MMS option
Iphone 3g use this setting

APN : mms.wataniya.com
Username: (Blank!)
Password: (Blank!)
MMSC: http://action.wataniya.com
MMS Proxy :
MMS Max MEssage Size : (Blank)
MMS UA Prof URL : http://www.wataniya.com

MacaholiQ8 said...

Thank you but you seem to be missing out the point. I already have these settings but the problem is everytime I enter the APN it gets reset to blank once I quit the settings menu. The only way to save it is to restart the iPhone and never initiate any WiFi connectivity, once I do it goes blank again. :/

s3ood said...

First: G-Funk .. what website are you talking about.
Second: I'm a zain user, I put the setting manually .. I managed to send MMS but I'm having problem receiving them.

Help please.

engku said...

i have iphone 3G 3.0 jailbroken....but there is no Cellular Data Network option in Setting > General > Network ....how could i enable this option so that i can do the MMS setting...someone plss help me..i really(1000x) appreciate it...

MacaholiQ8 said...

I'm having the exact same problem with my brother's iPhone 3G. It seems that Jailbreaking it will take away it's mobile phone functionality (No Carrier Service).

The only solution is to restore it to 3.0 (no jailbreak) and wait for a jailbreak update regarding this matter.

Good luck.

engku said...

oh no...really there is no other solution? actually also there is no 'internet tethering' option in the setting of my iphone but after i use this technique http://justanotheriphoneblog.com/wordpress/iphone-tips/simple-hack-to-enable-tethering-on-iphone-os-30 , the option did appear....thank GOD...

MacaholiQ8 said...

Yes, unfortunately there's no solution at the moment. Some iPhones go through this setback and some others won't.

I haven't activated my cellular data yet though I'm still having trouble with MMS. It lags a lot. I mean it works but not 100% all the time and I'm pretty sure it's from the iPhone itself. :/

Justin said...

Nonsense Habibi,

Go to www.rebelsimcard.com and get their iPhone 3G software crack software. Run the redsn0w to crack and then their application to unlock the 3G, i'm playing on my iphone internet from Wataniya right now. I just cracked and unlocked a friends Zain and it's even easier (their settings are only pps) but it works.

The rest of you posers... if you don't know shut your hole.

MacaholiQ8 said...

I don't need to jailbreak my iPhone. I found out it's a bug within OS 3.0