Monday, June 22, 2009

Stressed | Part Duex!

Back in January I asked the question

"Is working +12 hours legal?" [link]

A lot of people said it's legal if you're getting paid, which I'm not, and now comes the striking question...

"Is working +24 hours non-stop even legal?"

Note that I'm not getting paid as well.


Ruby Woo said...

it sure as hell ain't legal ;p

KTDP said...

it shouldn't be but in many professions (Security Guard, some doctors, some nurses etc)it's standard practice.

In Kuwait most NCHDs (None qualified hospital doctors) work 24 hours every 4th day until they reach specialist status for about 150 Kd extra every month.

Bashar said...

I know the law says you work for 8 hours, they have right to make you work for 10 with paid overtime. After that you must go and relax.

How does the Dr. case that KTDP mentioned fit in is a mystery, and full of shame also if you ask me. They get paid pennies for their over 24 hour total shift, and your case is just another that pisses me off!

They expect an employee to give from his heart for the job, but when you ask for little in return. Ohh NO!

iNoor said...

+24 hours without getting paid?

ما عندك سالفة

ألزم ما عالمعاريس صحتهم =P

MacaholiQ8 said...

Whom to complain to? :/

Damn! :/

Well I've been doing some labor work for MOE so yeah it's pretty much F-ed up to work that much of hours without getting paid.

As much as I hate my job I'm 100% dedicated to it, hence I'm doing this stupid thing. 2 more days and it'll all be good.

LOL! I thought I was gonna get paid. Ya3ni, help myself for furnishing and stuff. :P

 ردت علي عايدي!؛ :(

iNoor said...

عاد من حسن حظك ان هالأيام كل ما افتح الجرايد تنزيلاااات وخصومات صفاة الغانم وميداس وعلي عبدالوهاب وذا ون، آي دي ديزاين مودري عنهم

بسرعة لحّق

desertpalms said...

Legal? - not sure

Doable? - if its only for a short period of time, then hell yes!

it seems like you're comitted to your job, otherwise you wouldnt even be considering doing that much work for very little im sure you'll be fine.

its the same as studying for 32 hours straight with only 2hour sleep breaks in between for 2/3weeks and then having to take exams...a means to an gotta do what you gotta do, right?

shed 7ailk and Allah ywafqk inshallah =)

and just remember..once youre finished, you can sleep as much as you like..well..relatively..:P

MacaholiQ8 said...

Inshallah yamdeni, waray binyan o ta3del. :\

Thank you for cheering me up.

I'm 100% dedicated to my job I admit but they should pay us pack for that effort. After all it's not voluntary work. :/

elieruby said...

Wow :/ why don't you just walk out!

Saw nafs il engilaiz. As soon as the clock strikes 4, they're out of the door. Insaaa ysawoonlik shay at 4:01.

MacaholiQ8 said...

I wish it's that easy. My job is to transport the exams and whether it takes 5 minutes or 48 hours I have to do it cuz if I don't I'll get into alot of trouble, hence I cannot just walk away.