Friday, June 26, 2009

The Reason I Worked 24+ hours

Like last semester I signed up to work for high school examination control. It usually takes from 10am to 3~6pm depending on the amount of work/papers we have. This semester though, is a whole new story...

Everyone probably heard about examination leak that happened midway through the finals. Our job took another curve that day until yesterday, the final day.

Our day starts 8pm. We go to the ministry and stack the exams, collect them in boxes and mount them with iron and stamp them, then head back home at around 12~2am when we finish. Then wake up at 5am, go back to the ministry, take the boxes to our governorate, distribute the exams to each school, wait till 10am, go collect them from the schools and bring them back to examination committee, work on those papers till 6pm, wrap up everything, and head back to the ministry for more exams for the next day (start from the beginning of this paragraph!)

Some people said "Quit". Well it's not that easy. I have signed up for that job with my own will. There's no turning back.

About me getting paid. There's an "extra" payment but it's NOT something worth mentioning. I mean how much would a refinery worker get for that overtime? Probably double his salary. Here though, it's not even a three-digit number. :/

Anyhow... I'm glad now that it's over. It won't prevent me from signing up for it again though we just need to avoid this stupid exam leakage.


Bashar said...

I would never sign for such a thing. You missed two weeks of soccer for this bro :)

MacaholiQ8 said...

E wallah! :(

It's all good bro, now I have two months of Soccerism and of course the upcoming Ramadan tournaments! :D

Q80 BOY said...

ouch !!

thats tough mate ... welldone !! ;D

Almurqab said...

since its less than a 3 digits figure , then you're probably the one responsible for sneaking out the exams and selling them !!!!


MacaholiQ8 said...

Q80 Boy:
It is. Thanks.

*gasp* You caught me! :$

Heh, I can't even if I wanted to. My job is to transport the exams, sealed plastic bags stashed in locked iron boxes that is. ;)

..::Amu::.. said...

Allah ye3a6eek el3afiya :)

MacaholiQ8 said...

Allah e3afek bro, thanks :)

Ruby Woo said...

LOL @Almurqab.

At least now you know what it's like to work for 24 hours.

elieruby said...

E zain! It's a temp job, 7asbali you were doing this all year long. Bas yallah, good experience. :>

MacaholiQ8 said...

Ruby Woo:
Oh yes. :|

Oh no! I'd have committed suicide by now if it was permanent! It's for 10 days, 5 of them I had to work 27 hours a day. :/

sweetd said...

ya36eeek Allf 3afya ;) it's not always about the money...:D I'm happy to see people like you out here :D Goodluck with ur summer ;)

intlxpatr said...

Good on ya, Mac. Accountability has to start somewhere. You are standing up for what is important to you, you've got CHARACTER. Wooo HOO on YOU.

MacaholiQ8 said...

sweetd & intlxpatr:
Thank you :)