Tuesday, June 02, 2009

iPhone OS 3.0 coming out soon

Yes, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

With iTunes & QuickTime new updates, and a bunch of updates for recent iPhone apps noting the compatibility with OS 3.0, it looks like iPhone OS 3.0 update is just a couple of days ahead.

The most interesting part,
it's official that it will have built-in Arabic support!

UPDATE: Some pictures showing Arabic text.
- SaudiMac.com
- EgyptianApple.com
- Khalid @ Picasaweb


Anonymous said...

Any news if google latitude will be releases at same time as 3.0???

Magnus said...

Note that we don't know whether iPhone software 3.0 will be announced or released at WWDC starting the 8th of June. I'm sure we'll hear something about it though and possibly a new device too. I think it's likely to be announced as coming later this summer.

Same with Snow Leopard, not sure there will be release or announcement. I think it's likely to be an announcement saying it's coming later in 2009.

KTDP said...

it'll be very wonky for the first few months ..... the iphone is very similar to the way system 7.5 was developed. Short increments of crap followed by leaps and bounds of good stuff.

MacaholiQ8 said...

I have no idea, sorry.

It will be released this month.

You never know, hence they had 5 beta versions before acknowledging this one for release. I'm having high hopes that it'll be stable.

Jacqui said...

I confirm that Arabic will be officially supported in the new OS. I have been using it for 2 months now and I love how I'm able to do everything.

MacaholiQ8 said...


Can you please confirm if its possible to operate the iPhone with English interface and still send/receive arabic text and do arabic oriented tasks?

Jacqui said...

Yes it's possible all you do is add the Arabic Keyboard so that you can shift between Arabic/English with that tiny little globe icon.

I currently have it set on the UK Region (hate the US format for numbers) and I'm reading/typing Arabic and getting Arabic Emails and such.

Any questions about OS 3 go ahead shoot I hope I can help.

Mathai said...

One of my friends bricked his iphone 3G when installing an update. Can he try to recover it if he installs OS 3.0? Does it have to be done thru Pwnage?

MacaholiQ8 said...

Thanks Jackie.

I'm not sure. I don't even know if it's possible to recover bricked iphone. Though what I'm sure of is that a lot of people won't pawn their iPhone after the new update because it will resolve most drawbacks in the current firmware.

Mathai said...

I checked with him, its not completely dead, he is able to use it as an ipod touch. Poor fellow is very sad and I feel sorry for him but cant help laughing LOL !


MacaholiQ8 said...

Oh his iPhone is not officially unlocked hence it got bricked. Poor guy. :/