Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bossaball Kuwait

"Bossaball is a sport invented in Belgium. It is similar to volleyball, but also includes elements of football (soccer), gymnastics and capoeira. Each side of the court has an integrated trampoline, allowing players to bounce high enough to spike the ball, and a number of inflatable barriers."

If you want a stupid game to kill some time and rupture some muscles then Bossaball is the game for you.

I have played it three times so far (when it was at GUST university and now at Kuwait Handball Association) and I just can't force myself to like it. In fact according to my own statistics 3 out of 5 think its dull because first of all it needs some monkey skills and second of all it gets boring by time.

As the saying "Big show, no go", you can see in the video expert Europeans hired to demonstrate the game here in Kuwait. Smart but not enough to impress me with the game.

Bottom line: This game has less potential than killing ants with magnifier. And for 25KD per hour you know you're blowing your money away. I'd rather spend that on renting a football field.

Bossaball Kuwait [link]


iNoor said...

سخيفة من قلللب اللعبة

Golf بس مو أسخف من الـ

il3ameed said...

'it needs some monkey skills'
'kill some time and rupture some muscles'
very true ;p

we spent more time bouncing around than anything else

Bashar said...

Well for 25 KD, I am sure getting my self a soccer field :)

outkasty said...

monkey skills 3aad? lool

The Criticizer said...

Both are equally dull. I presume you've seen it in university.

hala bil 7abeeb, long time no c man, glad to hear from you. :D

Bouncing, that's about it. I'd rather go to Burger King or Youm el Ba77ar for free bouncing. :P

My point exactly. ;p

Don't believe it? Ask the monkeys! :D

iNoor said...

Nope, wala marra sheft'hom yil3boonha bel jam3a but I see loads of monkeys there :P

SG8 said...

I played it and had tons of fun will definitely play again

some of my friends didn't like it cause my team beat them in four consecutive games

what i noticed is that people who enjoy it are people who have more of a volleyball instinct and fast reactions.

most of the people that find it dull are what i call "sloths" unwilling to respond or just too fat to move.

to the person responsible for bringing the game please leave it at a fixed location.

The Criticizer said...

LOL! Hahaha!! Shhh! :D

I guess that makes me the skinny former volleyball sloth?

Just so you know I used to play volleyball and most of the guys I played with are from Kuwait's national/club volleyball teams.