Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New MacBook Pro, soon...

Hold your horses everyone, according to AppleInsider.com new MacBook Pro (and maybe MacBook) models are expected in the market the next few months. [link]

I guess I'll have to wait for a little bit more.


iNoor said...

......قلبي كان حاس، والله

Bebe n' Noonie said...

nice (H) thats good!!:p

AZ!Z said...

cool im a mac user
go mac

Swair. said...

Akheeran :p Ma baghaw lol

The Talker said...

الظاهر بكسر اللي عندي .. لا شعوريا

Big Pearls said...


Bashar said...

Interesting. No one actually said Oh, I already have one. I don't think I need new one! :)

But honestly, my Mac night keyboard lighting is not working. Is that good enough reason to buy new one :P

Fayirr said...

haw tawwa kan nazil new macbook shalmalaqa!!!
not that it's bad news for me, bs akhaf i plan on getting this new one, b3dain inazloon newer!!!!

:::ShoSho::: said...

Uffffffffffffff 3ad tawwa shareet wa7ed *pissed off and breaks everything in the house*

The Criticizer said...

Don't worry, yours will work smoothly for the next 4~5 years if you treat it well.

It is. ;)

*throws a party*

They ought to. ;p

the talker:
You do that, and film it!

big pearls:

Yep... That's a good reason to change in your Mac. ;p

And they will. They tend to change/upgrade their models every 2~3 years.

Tbee3ena 3ala 5araba? :P

Ms Loala said...

Although i made the switch, but i'm still not getting the mac vibe :\

Sh7afana said...

zain ashwa! malait men my macbook o i wanted to get the macbook air bes mamd7oooli eyah

il3ameed said...

ma baghaw walla.. this is why I haven't got a mac yet!

*waits impatiently*

kwt23 said...

NO NO...Months? i can't wait months...i can wait days but not months...this is BAD news for me...i need a laptop before the 20th of sept (jam3a starts) ... come on now apple...u know how much i've been waiting :(

Linus said...

That means I should wait ... AGAIN!

The Criticizer said...

ms loala:
Then switch back. :P

Start saving up.

Yeah, neither I can wait.

I think they'll drag it even longer till the end of 2008/begining of 2009.

We all are waiting again and again and again....

KWT23 said...

so u think i should go with the back2school deal apple have now for the current laptops?

The Criticizer said...

There will always be a newer model.

If you "need" one so urgently then don't hesitate because whatever specs the new will have, the old one will still stand up for the standards and perform very well for the next four to five years.

But if it's a matter of wanting the newer model just because it's new then I'm afraid you'll have to wait.

brightlightz said...

Well September 9 seems to be the big day! New iPods to be launched. We might even get news about the Macbooks. Who knows! Cant wait!