Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wikipedia is Accurate

The coolest T-Shirt on BustedTees ever. [link]

I guess I'll need to update my Wikipedism theory. :P


Bebe n' Noonie said...

Aaw lool its cute :p !

Rizzo said...

Hello! Would you mind if I send you a hello and a coupon code when my t-shirt site is up? (which should be in October). Busted has great shirts, and I think you'll like some of my stuff too.

Just let me know, thanks!


Swair. said...

LOL u can get that printed out lol

Just make a better resolution version and print it on any tee hehe

Zed said...

i dont get it? is there a hidden message in that phrase??

i love online shopping, specially for tshirts, busted tees is one of the best, there are many many more

elijah said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL i love it but dont u mock wiki, i get all my info from them!!!

zed: they are mocking wiki cuz they always have (citation needed) if they are not sure of info. Get it?!!

The Criticizer said...

& Smart too. :D

Sure keep me updated!

Shhhh!!! I was planning on tracing the thingie and printing it for myself! No need for hi-res reference. ;)

Go here and read the "Stage career" paragraph. You'll understand, if you don't then you're not techie enough. :P

LOL! We all do but it's true and Hilarious! ;D

Zed said...

ok got it

Coconut said...

i like it!

The Criticizer said...