Saturday, August 09, 2008

Random Act of Kindness + 3agad = Zero

It's funny how people reject kindness when they should be thankful. I mean how hard is it to say "Thank you"?

Today I had to go pick my brother from the airport and while waiting for his delayed flight (damn Al-Jazeera Airways) I thought I'd get me a cup of hot chocolate and wait for him in Starbucks.

I stood in line and in front of me there was this 3gaidi who can barely speak proper Arabic so you can imagine how Good-1 his English is. He was arguing with the cashier over 50 Fils short and he didn't have any more money. That moment I happened to have 50 Fils in my pocket and all in good will I gave the cashier the 50 Fils to complete the 3gaidi's order. That's where it backfired at me.

Mr. 3gaydi here refused to let me give the cashier the money, frowning like if I had stuck rotten cheese up his nose and starts blabbering with the "ya walad...etc." bullsh!t.

I kindly asked him to accept it because there is no way they will give him his order without paying it full but, as stubborn as all 3agad in this universe, he backs up and cancels his order and takes off.

I'm the one to be blamed trying to be generous with one of those stupid creatures. I should have saved myself the hassle and kept the 50 Fils to myself.

x2 = 27!


Anonymous said...

Pride happens.

The Criticizer said...

Pride over 50 Fils?

I know my pride won't kick in for less than 1KD.

iNoor said...
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iNoor said...



Oh, who are the 2 new switchers?

ana I made 2 people switch before I got mine o today murt 3ammy's finally decided to buy one :P

Zabo0o6a said...

You said it ! "3AGAD " Mo kafo
elne3ma ! saw my last post about the 3gaidey incident? b'3aina nro7 chafey..

Navy Girl said...

people cant simply say " thanks " i've seen it alot .. they seriously cant ..

Anonymous said...

Mac, we can't control what others do, but I just grinned from ear to ear when you pulled out that 50 fils. We can control what we do, and who we are, and I like a person who will cough up a mere 50 fils to make the situation go away! YOU did the right thing. :-)

Swair. said...

Even if his "pride" prevents him from taking 50 fils, he shouldn't have been so mean :/

Anyways, you shouldn't regret being so nice cos at least you'll get a few anonymous smiles from people standing by and watching..

Dunno about you, but to me, those smiles mean more than just one guy who can't take a 50 fils from a stranger lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he doesn't want to "look bad".

Meticulous said...

ayshay !..
you know normally i would say stereotypes are there for a reason..bes tara ako households that are less openminded and maybe less educated ..tara they dont see things the same way.. madri..whatever inta sawait eli 3alaik..

The Criticizer said...

Good let's see who makes 100 first. :P
Switchers: Ms loala & my brother.

Oh allah e3eenkum ibman6aqatkum. :P

navy g:
What's is so hard about it? :/

Thank you, knowing what I did is the right think certainly makes me relieved.

Maybe you're right but in the time of the incident the last thing I hand in mind is the people around thinking he wouldn't make a big deal out of it.

Look bad? Man I wish you were there to see him yourself with the way he's dressed and how he turned eyes and ears with that reaction. Even if he didn't want to look bad he made it worse.

Yeah I guess you're right.

G-Funk said...

Why would you even bother, If I was in your shoes I would have said this out loud : ( Ya tidfa3 ya etwakher warak nas na6ra , em3a6ilnah 3ala 50 fils..... ) :-) .

Damn those 3agad,

The Criticizer said...

Wala I would but I can't. I guess I'm too kind even with those creatures. :/

Teleza said...

Good words.