Monday, August 11, 2008


Crazy? Obsessive? You name it. This guy has worked his way to fame but damn that's just stupid! I wonder what would happen to him if he goes into The Avenues.


sweetd said...

OH MY GOD! ilyoum im telling my coz's about my idea of going to all the starbuckes in Kuwait :P bs since I didnt really like the place :P i never bothered starting :D

iNoor said...

ياما في الدنيا مخابيييل :$

Anonymous said...

So he visits all the branches... then what? :/

Anonymous said...

that's a pretty lame obsession!

Swair. said...

Just when u start to think that there're less loonies in the world lol

Linus said...

There are tons of them here! Just go to starbuck before they open! They are lined up waiting for coffee like cocaine addicts!

The Criticizer said...

Good cuz if you do it you're even crazier than he is. :P

Countless numbers.

I have no idea. :/

7adda! :/

lol Exactly!

They're stupid.

Noufa said...

he obviously doesn't have a life! Starbucks is just a fucking brand there's a gazillion coffee shops who offer way better and cheaper coffee!

The Criticizer said...

Who needs coffee that much anyways?