Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Euro Trip - Part 3 | Holland

I've come to the final part of my trip review, Netherlands.

We took off from Leende aiming for Rotterdam but first we had a couple of diverts. We went to Maastricht and Eindhoven but unfortunately both cities were dead because it was a Sunday. We stayed in Eindhoven for a few hours, had lunch, then went on completing our journey to Rotterdam where we stayed in The Westin Hotel, a quality super-style five star hotel worth every Fils we spent.

The next day we wandered around Rotterdam but it was too dull with no amusement except cinemas so we decided that we deliver the car back to Europcar and the next day take the train to Den Haag or better known as "The Hague", a beautiful city with a lot of tourist attraction and activities.

The next morning we arrived at Scheveningen, Den Haag and we headed to Madurodam, a miniature park of the hot spots in Netherlands. If you want to see Holland in one day just go there.

Then we took the tram to the main district of Scheveningen and my God it was haven on earth. The open sea with that cold breeze and partly cloudy skies will make you never want to come back to Kuwait and its deserts. I even wanted to go Bungee jumping but my friend started making excuses. Instead we became silent observers watching a girl doing the crazy jump.

And last but not least for the last day in our trip we stayed in sin city, the land of the queers, or whatever it's called... Let's just name it Amsterdam. Although it's a great place for shopping, Amsterdam is no place for family. There is no way you can walk fifty meters without passing by either gay couples, gay clubs/bars, weed & marijuana stores/cafes, or even encountering the unmentionable. Of course that was the main reason why we had to cut our stay short and head back to the hotel to get ready for our trip back home.

Now I leave you with some random shots in from the last part of my trip, Holland...





iNoor said...

Bungee jumping? yummaaa

el shots 3ajeebeen; just look at their sky mashallah :)

Swair said...

LOL you should've bungee jumped while recording everything on video!

3shan we see the whole jump from your perspective and maybe some screaming, woohooo-ing and yeeehaawwww-ing lol

Ms Loala said...

And i wonder how you managed to memorize all those city names :P

How come you guys didn't visit sightings in the country side? One is bored with the city and gotta breathe some fresh air.

Now where's my chocolate? ;p

Me7sin said...

Looks awesome, il7amdilah 3ala salamtik big bro ;P

how's shashat weyak?

Hussain.M said...

رحلة ظريفة هاشم ..
الصور حلوين .. و هذا ما عهدته منك :)

و الحمدلله على السلامة ..
و موفق صديقي

The Criticizer said...

Yeah their sky is a work of art mashallah.

Hehe, wallah I wanted to buy my friend was too hesitant. :/

ms loala:
Country side? Santana's concert was in countryside. Leende & Weert, two towns from my part-2 post, were in countryside. Our road trip took us 9 hours through countryside. :D

Chocolate? Look there! *flees*

ya hala ya hala, long time bro! Allah esalmik.

Shashaat is good but I'm no longer there. It was exhausting to work in the morning and afternoon so I left.

Hala bo3li! :D
Allah esalmik ajma3een enshallah.

elijah said...

Bunjeeeeee i want to do that then sky dive. Who's in?

Great pics