Monday, December 22, 2008

Airport Graveyard?

Here's a pitiful scene from Kuwait airport parking lot. Looks like airport authorities finally decided to get rid of "prolonged" Long Term Parking junk and, instead of towing them out of the parking, they disposed them on the top floor of the parking building. So much for logistics.

Strictly coincidence, fellow blogger Hitman1 posted something related today as well. [link]


Kuwait-Moda said...

i was talking about this with a friend last week :)

Neoark said...

that's good?

Bashar said...

I've never been to this long parking graveyard. Maybe they should turn it into tourist museum

Diablo said...

5al ysawon mazad

Ruby Woo said...

is that good or bad?

The Criticizer said...

kuwait moda:
Seems like everybody has been talking about it lately, and we all agree that it's ugly and uncivilized from a should-be well presented place.


There are luxury cars too. Looks like smugglers flee the country leaving their fortunes in the airport. I might go and open some trunks... want to join me? :P

5al esawoon ay shay bas let them get rid of that junk. It's really disturbing.

ruby woo:
Bad. I was just being sarcastic.

Shwaish said...

why bad?

Anonymous said...

I have never been there but the scene looks not to good!

NicoleB said...

Some smart brains at work again, I see ;)

The Criticizer said...

Why don't they get rid of those cars somewhere else? They are taking parking space and when the airport is crowded people have nowhere to park their cars because of this junk. Besides, they look ugly compiled all together like that.

Yeah it isn't good at all. They need to trash them somewhere else.

Indeed. Typical slacker mentality...
"Solve a problem by creating another"