Sunday, December 14, 2008

Laptop Bags

Since I got my new MacBook Pro a few weeks ago I've been looking for a laptop bag that suits it best so I did my search and found some quality bags and sleeves and made up my choice but just for reference to you all I will list links of the best brands I've come across.

Personally I like Brenthaven and Booq the most.
Malcolm Fontier OWNS ALL.

If you have something to add let me know.

Update: Thanks to all for the recommendations and tips.


Anonymous said...

I tried :
Booq, STM, Neocase, and Tucano and i like them all.

Neocase fits like a glove, people used to ask me what is it that am holding.

Cloudy Stars said...

ana bashtri mac book il abya'6 eli aqal mowa9afat cuz im a newbie to mac bs madri ib cham?!?!

8-bits of Coffee said...

Here's a sleeve I ran into a while back for MacBook Air, thought it was cute.

Bashar said...

Keeps dazzling me why Apple doesn't ship bags for their MacBooks!

Me7sin said...

I used stm and can say it's by far the best (shoulder bag)

kafa my uni books, laptop, charger and additional accessories and junk for everything from traveling to the shaleeh

and never felt bulky either

Charmbracelet said...

I've seen a belkin laptop bag, w wayiid na3ooma=p very cuute=)

Lili3 said...

my mom got the new small and tiny ACER notebook and she still cant find a good laptop bag for it LOL

muscati said...

WaterField ( make the best laptop sleeves. I've had mine for 5 years now. I also have a black corduroy foof sleeve which is is great for my white MacBook.

Magnus said...

Thanks for the list, I like Timbuk2 myself and Crumplers are usually good too.

Shwaish said...

ya3ni il research ib thameer walla, i have no opinion on this matter so Hi!

Nemo said...

thnx for listing all of these choices!
I will use them lol

Anonymous said...

Booq looks nice!

The Criticizer said...

Tucano looks great, thanks for the recommendation.

Cloudy Stars:
The white one is cheap now because the new model is out (Aluminum).

8-bits of coffee:
Nice! :D

They like to keep our options open I guess.

Always great to see your comments bro. :)
STM has great designs. I like their sleeves.

Buy it! Buy it now! ;p

Small? Has she tried socks?
hehe, j/k .. it's hard to find small bags. :/

Neat. Thanks for the tips. :)

You're most welcome.

Hehe.. Hi back at ya! :P

You're welcome. Good to know someone will use this list. :)

Wait for my review. ;)

The Criticizer said...

New updates.

BLaSha said...

i got this n its perfect 4 me!

Anonymous said...

Waterfield sleeves are amazing. (So is their other gear.)

Charmbracelet said...

for u! Mu 7gi=p I dont want one..=p hehe

Patrick E. Semaan said...

2 very important brands (and my top favorites)
* INcase
* Jost

Murqab said...

i just bought this few days ago from apple store 5th avenue

The Criticizer said...

Nice but isn't it too big?

Yep :)

heh, ok :p

Amazing brands, thanks! I shall add them right away.

Neat. Looks great. :)

Anonymous said...

may be you can take a look at this:

MacaholiQ8 said...