Monday, December 08, 2008

Regarding Mustang Police Patrol

Everybody knows by now that we might get* Mustang police patrols here in Kuwait alongside the Charger patrols in Q1 2009.

Recently there has been a lot of encounters with the car and media revolving around the blogsphere from youtube videos to forum photo-entries made it somehow exciting.

To me though, it's sheer madness and a stupid move by MOI. Why?

  • We rarely have police pursuits, the BMW and Charger would do just fine in those rare occasions.

  • The car comes modified with a twin-screw Whipple supercharger. I don't think any of our patrol cops have the ability to handle such a beast in a pursuit.

  • Most our patrol cops are reckless and arrogant and would probably abuse this car. Their actions and stupid accidents speak for themselves.

  • This will make some thoughtless sport car drivers and bikers more reckless hoping to encounter the patrol car and actually outrun it.

  • (UPDATE)*: Our police patrols are not allowed to pursuit motorbikes and buggies, the maniac masters of law-breaking. This law was enforced a few years back to prevent road rage and chaotic situations.

That's my perspective. I don't think there's a single good to this deal.

Videos of the car: Cruising - Parked (interior shots)

* Still under testing, not official to join the fleet just like the Audi A6.
* Thanks to Bashar for reminding me of that point.


Ruby Woo said...

WHAT? They're trying to get an Audi A6 too?

3ayal the cops bikayfoon wibarbisoon when they start implementing that!

ford o wayid 3alaihom..

Charmbracelet said...

I totally agree !=O wth?

Anonymous said...

it's mostly just a physical deterrent to those who like to speed, break the law. a way to discourage people from trying to speed as opposed to the cops actually using them to catch up with the former.

Ms Loala said...

NOW i know where our tickets money go to!

It's completely uncalled for. As you said it, a very good percentage of our cops can't handle such cars due to *cough* some background issues *cough* ..

What a waste.

Zaina said...

Mu minsijhum :O!

Patrick Semaan said...

Next you we will see the police in Kuwait with Ninja motor bikes and Ducati's...

Its a business deal, that is all, a good marketer at Ford who gave a good deal and he made it for the sales team, they don't have to worry for the sales for the entire 2009 period.

Bashar said...

Man you speak like it's really intended to be utilized :)

Everyone knows it's not for real pursuits but show off. The guys wanted a real taste of Burnout Paradise

Bashar said...

As a matter of fact, right now police cars double park at traffic lights on gulf road. I see kids riding buggies crossing the red light (3 violations) and no one moves a finger. Police cars cant catch up with little buggies?

MeeMzZ said...


The Criticizer said...

Yeah, but both cars are still under the test. I really hope they don't accept that deal.

See. :/

I really hope you're right. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

ms loala:
LOL! 3agad... Say it!! SAY IT!!!! xD

Yeah. :/

Hah, if they got sport motorbikes I'm F-ing joining them! :P
True on that last part.

If it's not going to be utilized then why the hell are they getting it? I have no idea how those people think.

Guess what? They're not allowed to pursuit bikes and buggies. How ironic? :/ (updates the post)

Jaaa. :/

Princess Famme said...

Not goood at all .. i agree not to give them cars they should ride horses better at least we won't crashed cars anymore or blood on the streets .. and they can show off like a knight officer .. LOL's at the Image

Diablo said...

Well.. for started .. the idea of applying a car such that in the squad they have would have advantages .. High speed persuits .. getting to places faster and as someone said .. to discourage people from trying to outrun a cop car...

now applying that to kuwait .. well its just stupid .. its a small country with not such thing as highway chases or whatever .. atleast i havent heard of any.. AND the type of people that our cops are .. yeah their dumb stupid reckless and dont understand SHIT about the basics of anything i would say .. well not all of them .. must of them are like that. and that comes from personal encounters with these people ..

As for the "Buggies" issue .. i was one of those guys that cruises around with his buggy everywhere .. and i got encounters with cops alot .. a couple of which they where almost trying to ram me or try to make me stop by steering directly at me ??? fortunatley for me .. i wasnt your average rider .. i was crazy enough to do anything.. a small gap that would barley fit my buggy would do the trick even if i was going too fast.. they couldnt catch people riding buggies unless someone gets hurt OR a miracle of the buggy stoping to work (happened to me :D)

the only way to be able to control them is to make them road leagle and assign plates for them ( UK has plates for buggies ) .. atleast that way you can put saftey mesaures.

Btw.. in the past .. they used sling shots on buggy drivers .. one guy had a slingshot to his eye .. after that they stopped ;p

Cloudy Stars said...

kilish mo shay :@

The Criticizer said...

Yeah the ones with the horses, they look hilarious. Patriots. :P

Whoa! The way you put it they are maniacs! Heh, drive carefully man.

cloudy stars:
7adda. :/

bumo said...

Now all they need is to pass the IQ tests...

Bashar said...

I meant, they're just getting it for fun. But are they really not allowed to make pursuit?

Then who should stop them?

The Criticizer said...

Hehe.. Dude give them some Mustang driving techniques. :P

Yeah they're not allowed to do so using car patrols. Either police bikers or horsemen. Sometimes they have undercover bikers who look and act like normal bikers and when they see something wrong they try to contain the situation. Unfortunately they're more F-ed up than the rest of them.

bumo said...

Technically they have had Mustangs for a few years now :P

The Criticizer said...

6al b3enhum. Crown Vecs without Whipple is no Mustang, not even remotely close to it. :P

NicoleB said...

That seems to be another "smart" move....*slaps forehead...*

The Criticizer said...

Yeah, smart indeed.

*rams his head on wall* ;p