Friday, December 12, 2008

Please Fix The iPhone!

Yep, you heard me... Please Fix The iPhone!

When I landed on this site I couldn't help but to laugh. I mean look how desperate we, iPhone owners, are!

The iPhone is an amazing device and there's no doubt about it but the fact that it's not perfect makes us always looking forward to the next firmware update which is very irritating.

I can only plead...

If you are checking the link above,
Please vote on #7!!!
For some reason Arabic language support was at #7 with +20,000 votes and now at #11 with +12,000 votes. So if you go there just search for "Arabic" in the search bar and cast your vote.


Bashar said...

Man this silly useful. Apple should do something like this for it's fans...

Ohh wait... why should they?

Amazing how arabic support is on the top list beyond any other language

Diablo said...

any ones knows a place where i can unlock iphone 3G without loosing the apps i bought ??

I have it on the network it opperates here .. bas i want to use it when i come back to kuwait .. I have the other iphone too .. fa if i couldnt use the 3G i'll use it ;p

Cr8ivia said...

3 , 7 and 17
ma kammalt il baji :s 1900 !!

Loolykinns said...

ditch the iPhone... get Sony Ericsson w800i!!!

Heavy duty phone... doesn't jam or hang... mms, sms bluetooth and gsm... why the extra stuff?


The Criticizer said...

The iPhone reads arabic but from left to right. Languages not supported by the iPhone yet are bidirectional languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi...etc.).

Honestly I don't know but I'm sure BLaSha can help.

Heh, looks like we voted on the exact same things. :P

I would get it without having to "ditch" the iPhone. I had a Nokia 9300i that I bought for its internet accessibility but it was very slow and very bulky. The main purpose I got the iPhone is internet connectivity so I might as well get the W800i for everyday use until the day the iPhone comes in a full package. ;)

nameless said...

i voted,

bas yakhy hal iphone mo rathy ynhthim! .. khathaita for exactly a week chan a36y 7ag my friend. mako 3ala sonny C905 o memory 8GB wa7da ib wa7da

Anonymous said...

after reading this I so want to get an Iphone just to try it!

The Criticizer said...

Thanks for casting the vote. :)

I don't tend to change my phone occasionally like everybody does so in my case I think the iPhone is absolutely great but it needs some minor touch-ups to be perfect.

Get one... you won't regret it. :)

Anonymous said...

ula ula ulaaa!! shda3waa kil hal 3yoob !

The Criticizer said...

Shaku 3yob? Hatha el shisma, elly we want. ;p