Friday, December 05, 2008


As if being sick with the cold wasn't enough... I played football (soccer) and had to quit the game 10 minutes from the start with a black eye and bruised nose bridge thanks to a genuine adidas boot right in the face.

Looks like I'm going to Eid gathering with sunglasses.


Neoark said...

that gotta hurt...

Joud said...

ouch :/

Charmbracelet said...

wee=| salamat..its soccer mu football!=o =p

BLaSha said...

salamat sweetie

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

Salamat ma tshoof shar. Get well soon!

I am sorry man, but you post made my day. They say, "Misery loves company." Ain't that true? I am not expecting a great Eid, and it's nice to know I am not the only one ;P

Diablo said...

Salamat !! .. got some of those .. bas min ppl using their heads as a freaking bulldozers !!

Better that having an ankle unjury though :D

kilha a week or two and it'll be gone .. just get used to ppl saying " who punched you " :P



all i say is .. :P

Patrick E. Semaan said...

Thats part of the game ey! Put a thick fat piece of beef steak on your eye it will help reduce the blue color and the swelling (don't eat that steak afterwards).

Zabo0o6a said...

Ouch !
Salamat , can't wait for the gathering though :P

Bashar said...

:( Sad

I had two games and two losses this week. Also by one goal difference. All suggest I got more to do on my fitness.

Get back in shape soon

The Criticizer said...

Wallah it did and it still does. Allah esalmik.

I'm like this 0_@

Allah esalmich.
Say that again and I will hack your blog! ;p

Allah esalmich.

Sham3at Al Jillas:
Thank you, allah esalmich. I don't know about the rest of the people but to me Eid al ath7a was never fun.

Allah esalmik. Yeah I already got a couple of those "Who punched you" exclamations. Why do they always expect the worst scenario? :/

No worries my friend. My mom got my back with some prehistoric formula (something to do with date, vinegar, and olive oil). It working great.

Allah esalmich. I won't go. :P

Thanks. I need to work on my stamina too.

Charmbracelet said...

=O soccer sounds so much better! =p please don't hack my blog!=(

The Criticizer said...

lol, I'm just messing with ya. :P

Real fans of the game hate the term Soccer because

1- Football is, well, Foot Ball. It is meant to be played by foot. Unlike American Football which is played by grabbing the ball and running with it.

2- It is known WordWide as Football. Americans call it Soccer to differentiate it from American football. American Soccer players suck at the game. Americans think it's a girly sport. Hence we, the diehard fans of the game, hate to call it Soccer.

Please call it FOOT BALL. :)

Charmbracelet said...

Its intersting, I didnt knw this used to soccer =| =p I stick to the American rules!!=p hehe..I'll just say football around ur blog!=p 3ashan u don't freak !=D =p jk

Charmbracelet said...

and one more thing! They suck at soccer bs they're very good in B'ball!!=O so whatever =p

Anonymous said...

kha6aak esoo2 buddy :)

bumo said...

Salamat bro, get well soon ;)

Anonymous said...

loool, Salamat ;p

Ms Loala said...

Salamat, hope it'll get better by eid time!

eshda3wa said...


The Criticizer said...

B-ball has nothing to do with our debate here. :P

56ach ellash dudette. ;p

Thanks bro.

Allah esalmich, no need to lewl about it. :P

Allah esalmich, thanks.

Allah esalmich.

Ruby Woo said...

It's football not soccer.

Ohh and next time, to avoid a black eye and a broken nose, try not to jump into someone's addidas boots..

Anonymous said...

ouch! ma tshoof shr. Unlike you I'm actually enjoying the fact of not going to Eid gathering becase of a fat lip and a lovely colourful bruise on the side of my face (passed out and hit the kitchen sink)
You should get those blue ice baggies that you can apply on easily witout the mess of ice and towels.

nameless said...

laah! matshof shar enshalh, ya ma 3laih ajir o 3afya
o 3edik mbarak

ge0 said...

ما تشوف شر حجي وعيدك مبارك

The Criticizer said...

Heh, I will try my best. :P

Allah esalmich. Looks like you're suffering even more than I am. Salamat!

Thanks, eshar mayyek o ayamik sa3eeda.

eshar mayyek o ayamik sa3eeda. :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds bad! hope you are feeling better now...

The Criticizer said...

Thanks man, I am feeling better but the bruise under my eye is still there. I don't know how long it will take to fade. :/

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha

ya shamatat .. alshmmeeeta

Awalhom fareqk .

3idk mobarak .. m3a al taf5a


7anafi :)

The Criticizer said...

Allah esalmik. ;P