Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Our Ripper, who art on Mininova, aXXo be thy name"

Today I read an interesting article on Bazaar magazine by Josh Levin. It was about aXXo, the most famous online torrent uploader who is best known for high quality DVD movie rips.

The article was very well written and full of information but that's not my subject.

He's not doing something legal, we all agree on that, but in terms of doing it right, well, no one can do a better job. He fired up competition where other uploaders try their best to match his quality uploads. New Torrent websites crave to have him on board, and if not, they would look-up his uploads, download them and upload them back again on their sites. He has set new standards to the term "Pirated" or "Illegal copy" where even the MOB looks unorganized.

Being part of the "Leechers" community taught me to "Take & Leave" but after seeing aXXo's contributions I was very impressed by the number of "Seeders" and how his movies remain on top with thousands of seeders that will never make these files go to waste. Hence I started to "Share" my downloads and keep them seeding until they reach twice the ratio, then, and only then, I can remove them from my torrent client.

aXXo is not only a devoted uploader but also an idol.


Charmbracelet said...

I knooww axxo!=D yes he's very talented..all my movies mnaa=p

Charmbracelet said...
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Rustleg said...

they probably obtained permission to re-print the article, but it's originally from slate.

Aggz The Aggressor said...

aXXo rules! LOL ain't too bad either!

Neoark said...

Reputation! is the best ads you will ever have.

sadly many companies don't see it that way.

*clap for aXXo*

The Criticizer said...

Talented? Heh, that's a nice way to put it although I don't think there's talent in ripping movies and uploading them. It only takes a movie library and fast internet connection. ;p

Seeds: the ones who have the full file and sharing it with others.
Leechs: the ones that have the file partially and are still downloading.

I didn't know that. Thanks for the heads up.
I don't know why but I doubt that they asked for permission to print it. Just a thought though.



Anonymous said...

shouldn't he be arrested?

Purgatory said...

Is that him or one of the people they know posing as AXXO?

Ms Loala said...

I thought it was him in the photo!

I didn't think it was a guy until i read about him somewhere on the internet, indeed he's a devoted uploader.
I couldn't imagine myself putting too much effort on bringing high quality movies for people, i'd do it for myself only :P

8-bits of Coffee said...

Lucky bugger, he has his own Wikipedia page, something I idiotically aspire too (not forgetting a Turing Award and a Nobel or two)

The Criticizer said...

He should but we pray he never gets busted. Pray with us. :P

I don't think that's him.

Actually I think aXXo is a network of friends/firms uploading under one username. Cuz there's no way he's doing that sort of work on his own unless he has a LOT of money and a LOT of spare time. Just a theory. :P

8bits of coffee:
LOL! Want me to write about you? :P

Me7sin said...

I am aXXo

obey me or i'll cut off ur movie supplies @@

*checks windows for FBI*


The Criticizer said...

I vow to thee, o-mighty aXX-of piracy!

Pink Cubes said...

I never heard of him! But thanks for sharing.. I will look up his uploads now.

Navy Girl said...

looooooooool yeah i know him i always check out the torrents if it was his i'll load it right away !

Anonymous said...

ee laish isawoonla publicity wegoloon we pray they don't arrest him ? haw?

MacaholiQ8 said...

Sure no problem, but if he ever got busted there's only you to blame. :P

navy g:
Yes yes yes. *grin* :D

Madri 3anhum but as long as he's uploading I'm happy. Besides, he's the best but not the only one in the business... if he gets busted there are other alternatives. :P

Mathai said...

aXXo rules ! his uploads have the best quality. I personally think its a group of people rather than an individual. I've also found Klaxxons uploads to be of comparable quality.

Yousef Maimoon said...

lol.. i love the guy! I mean whenever i wanna download a movie..

1. Goto mininova
2. Search "aXXo"
3. Done!

It is a one man show. I can support it. Here you go: