Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Tired of YouTube? Try Joost!

Joost Logo

"What's Joost? It's a way to watch videos – music, TV, movies and more – over the Internet. We could just call it a website ... with videos ... but that's not the whole story.

We're giving you new ways to find what you'd like to watch. You can search in "traditional" ways – by title or category – or you can find suggestions from other people on Joost. They may be your friends, or they may just be people who have something in common with you – but either way, they can direct you to great things to watch.


Sham3at Al Jillas said...

How is this better than youtube?

The Criticizer said...

Not better rather than an alternative. Besides, it has good reviews over the web and people, including me, agree that it has a better layout than Youtube. :)

Patrick Semaan said...

Nice logo

The Criticizer said...

Yeah it is. :)

Diablo said...

Does it have unblocked Footy highlights ????

Notorious said...

just another youtube .. i wihs they could find something different instead of repeating things, dont u think?

The Criticizer said...

Unfortunately no because it's still a new site but we can only hope to see new materials including highlights channels in the near feature.

Innovative ideas are not easy to come up with, hence repetition (with either improvements or setbacks) is very common.

In Joost's case it's another duplicate of Youtube but with an overall better layout and different media database unlike Google Video which has the same database of YouTube.

Diablo said...

BTW ... If your the person in my mind ..

Im G from Q8speed ;p

sha5bare q8speed ;/

libero anima said...

keeeewlness ! im gonna try it out !

The Criticizer said...

G! Good to know it's you. :)
How have you been? Wallah miss the quality days at q8speed. Too bad it's deserted now.

libero anima:
Hope you like it. :)

Diablo said...

Ee wallah .. used to be a great place .. bas now its more like a poop bag if you ask me !!..

Diablo said...

BTW ... its still new and it doesnt have that much on it .. need a huge time to catch up with youtube ;/

The Criticizer said...

You never know how fast these sites can fill up their databases. I guess we'll have to wait and see.