Thursday, May 03, 2007

This has gone way too far

Once again with Imagine Publishing, it took them four months to deliver my one and only copy of Web Designer magazine back in January 2007 and I haven't collected any other issues ever since, that's another four months. I subscribed to that magazine thinking I will be saving myself the hassle of having to go to the bookstore to buy each issue but it looks like I was wrong. Such inconvenience should be put to an end.

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KJ said...

I never gave in to these subscription cuz I know they will never be delivered on time.

What's more, everything now is on the internet so there isn't always a need to subscribe to mags!

ReKoO said...

cancel the subscription oo kan allah '3aforan ra7em :P

Anonymous said...

I am not familiar with that particular magazine, but I know that many publications have a web based subscription. See if you can get an online subscription.

EniGma said...


For those suggesting online magazines.. They're convenient, and u can get them any fast, bla bla all the other advantages.'s.just.not.the.same...

Ms Loala said...

I was once gonna subscribe to a magazine but there's too much hassle. Plus, there's no guarantee that they're going to deliever you all the issues.
My only right magazine subscription was when i subscribed to barbie :P i guess babies have more priority than adults :p

I say cancel your subscribtion and god bless al muthana complex.

Ms Loala said...

btw, congratulations on your 14th apple converter :p

The Criticizer said...

You're right but this mag is very informative and it comes with a dvd for application resources and expansions.

I wish it's that easy, the fags won't reply to my emails!

I've checked and they don't have that. :/

Word. :D

ms loala:
That's why I subscribed at first place, I don't want to drag myself all the way to Al-Muthanna complex each month to see there were no issues left (since they bring 3~5 issues and they might be sold out within one week) or they still haven't brought this month's issue.. etc. Besides, the @-holes at the bookstores are ripping us off. The magazine costs less than 1.500KD and they're selling it for 3.750KD! I thought I'd be saving some money. :/

& Thank you. ;)

Elijah said...

This internet shopping is not for u maci :(

Missy said...

subscribing to such magazine wasnt a smart thing to do! :P

The Criticizer said...

Not really cuz α is on the way. ;)

Maybe, but it was the only way to keep up with the latest news and resources off-line.