Monday, January 07, 2008

DJ Uruj | RKFM 99.7

Today at around 7:45pm I was listening to RKFM 99.7 when DJ Uruj came up mentioning that there were talks about her on the internet and after little search I found out the related topic on 248am. [link]

She sounded frustrated but willing to accept criticism. She said she wants our reviews on her, her show, and how we think she can improve directly on her e-mailbox. I was going to review her long ago but somehow it dropped off my mind though after what I heard today I think it's fair to give her a chance knowing that she's willing to improve.

Unfortunately I have missed to get her email so I'm gonna shoot them right here...

  • Try to reduce the pitch of your voice. It's like the highest octave on earth.
  • Your show broadcasts live and so you should. Sometimes I think to myself "Is she suffering from parasomnia?"
  • Be modest, neither too perky nor dreary. If you want to add humor do so only if you're sure you're gonna make your listeners chuckle at least.
  • Music variety. You do have a variable taste in music, which is good, but some songs can never match. Try to have a smoother playlist.

That's all I can think of right now. I really think it takes courage to face this and so I endorse her will to become better, hoping one day the ol' Super Station comes back to life.

UPDATE Jan 8, 2008: Tonight she's gonna do a special coverage about this during her show between 7-9pm. Make sure to tune in guys.

The good point is, bloggers mentioning her everywhere brought her to fame and she probably will get RKFM to host the largest average of listeners in their whole broadcasting history! Way to go Uruj!! :D


chikapappi said...

well I sure am glad she read those and yes she has to improve herself because she is shoving people away with her tone, style of music and el dam el mesh khafeef! you can translate that to her :p

Linus said...

is there a site i could listen to there show online?

Enigma said...

eksarat kha6ry lol

La Reine said...

i have an opinion on that, but its neither objective, or constructive hehe and since i think thats what ur going for i will keep it for myself

thank u chika :p

fonzy said...

well i cant say there are any good DJs in kuwait... none of them meet my satisfaction. But uruj is definitely better than linda and sometimes she manages to pull off some good songs, at least she doesnt sit there and give speeches on buckling up children and not speeding every single damn morning.. she plays more music that she talks. But one thing she shud work on is how she talks... u know that tone they do when someone is in suspense... she does it all the time and it gets annoying.

Zed said...

i think someone needs to grow some balls and open a new radio station, one with talent and skills, cause 99.7 will never cut it for me, and thats the only all english fm station

TAT said...

get yourself an ipod and be your own dj :P

but this is interesting should listen to it sometime to see what the fuss is about

Anonymous said...

Well its been a while since I am out of RKFM 99.7...but I really hope they improve it!

hammoodee said...

FM 99.7 is soo 1996, just connect an ipod and listen to ur own music..having said that, poor mess she's annoying and should DJ in silence

'Grey' said...

I blogged about her few months back ...i am not complainig anymore ...i found a solution ... switch to VOA 96.8 .... 7 Pm or 7 AM ... FM99.7 sucks big time ! they are still playing some of th losuy music at the same time "everyday" ...

Anonymous said...

Ditch those old play lists altogether and put together some new ones!

Ms Loala said...

I never listened to her since i'm always at work at 7 pm.

But i do like Dr La Bouche, i enjoy her show in the morning when i'm frustrated by the traffic.

Ms Loala said...

Wait ...... is she the kuwaiti girl?

If she is, then yea, i agree. Her voice sends me to sleep which i desperately don't need while driving! :\

eshda3wa said...

the way she talks and streches her words annoys the living day lights out of me!
but shes alot better than dr madre shesimha before her

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
offmyhead said...

your such a loser.

Rashisha said...

I missed the Show last night so i didnt get to hear what she had to say!

The Criticizer said...

She can read just fine. :P

I think there are sites offering streaming audio. Look it up.

heh. :P

la reine:
lol ok ok shh. :P

Now that she knows hope she does improve.

Care to be that someone? :P

I have an ipod but sometimes I look for something new to listen to and the only source I have is the FM. ;)

Out? You used to work there?!

lmao. ok ipod it is.

With all the recent hype about her I hope note just for her to succeed but also the whole RKFM to improve.

Straight forward. :D

ms loala:
Wow wow stop, you're mixed up. Dr. La Bouche used to host her show in the evening where Uruj stands now and Linda is the one in the morning. I don't know if she's Kuwaiti or not and honestly I don't care, I just want to listen to good music when I'm bored of my CDs or ipod. :/

"shes alot better than dr madre shesimha before her"
Very true.

Live with it.

I think you can find a record of the show if you have anyone in RKFM.

BLESSO007 said...
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The Criticizer said...


Your IP:
Your ISP: Ali Ali X X (Qualitynet)
You're a F***ing twat with a F***ing Windows XP using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

If you think you can start flushing your filth into my blog then you're wrong. You're officially exposed and I'm sure your supervisor won't be happy when he/she knows you've been checking out blogs at work. Your post has been deleted and your IP has been marked.

ProTeSt said...

Is there any way to listen to RKFM online...i checked out the fm site but the media player doesn't work....and the site was last updated in 2004....
your help will be appreciated....

The Criticizer said...

The only place to listen to streaming broadcasting of RKFM "was" on the Ministry of Information web site, but unfortunately according to this it is no longer available.


Anonymous said...

hey there can anyone gve the link of 99.7 radio kuwait im tryin to listen online,i adore the station since 1993

MacaholiQ8 said...

They don't have a website anymore.

Anonymous said...

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