Monday, January 14, 2008

Speed Limit in Kuwait

As simple as I can explain it...

Speed Limit | M.O.I. Regulations

Speed Limit | Drivers' Regulations

UPDATE (January 2009): Here is some more information about traffic laws (drivers regulations) in Kuwait.

-- Special thanks to Evil Knievel


Enigma said...

lol so true, bs right lane is even slower than middle

outkasty said...


lazim yekhtar3oon cameraa etsawwir il-ba6e'een =/

Zed said...

are you telling or asking your readers, cause i think its pretty obvious and everyone already knew that

i'm only guessing that you didnt get your driving license from kuwait


Mark said...

good one

Anonymous said...

LoooL! So true!

Anonymous said...

thats so true!!!

Anonymous said...

You realize that -40 means they're going the opposite direction right? XD

Bashar said...

Hahahahahaaa... did you make that?

That's the best description I've seen.As they say, an image is worth a thousand words. The sad truth is, I got used to driving over 120 because of this. middle is like 40 km/h, other lanes are above 120. Ofcourse I can't stand 40, which turns out to be more dangerous if you try it!

Bashar said...

outkasty: That's what I think. Slow cars are worse sometimes than fast ones

Moey said...

hahahaha true.

iNoor said...

me no drive

OT: Maaaaaaac, guess what? remember lamma my blog hated U? ambaaaih, I was checking my plugins a few hours ago and found a spam plugin called Akismet (which was activated at that time)!! Anyways, after re-activating it today, your (and others) comments HAVE FINALLY APPEARED!!!
Man, I feel ashamed for making you write these really looong comments.. sowwwy


abdvllah said...

The police should really start ticketing slow drivers. As I see it, they are the main reason for accidents.

bored said...

very true and sooo annoying!

moocherx said...

worst thing is lanes 1 & 2 have cars going, say 100kph. You go to overtake, don't want to go so slow, but can't overtake because you can see some ass just behind you doing 180. So you pull out and ignore the flashing high beam, or get stuck behind slow drivers.

And why do the slow ones only sit in the middle lane when there's no other car for miles?

The Criticizer said...

Try 5th ring road and tell me which lane is slower, the right or middle? :P

lol, yeah right. :P

I'm telling the ones who can't realize it. Don't worry, I got my license from Kuwait and been driving in its wild roads for 6 years without accidents. KNOCK ON WOOD! haha xD

lmao! I know bas 3ad ent 6awwif!! xD

Yep, I did it. It needs one small edit though I'll leave that later. Glad you like it. ;)

You no drive? :/
*is still mad* .. Don't be sorry. Fix your stuff.
*cries in the corner, keeps inoor's cookie for later*

There's a slow-speed ticket but it's impossible to get one; police disregard speeders, what would you expect them to do for those who drive slow?

Yes, it is annoying.
We need a big car to ram them from behind and let them catch up with the lane speed.

mark, shosho, moey, bored:
*thumbs up*

Kinano said...


very true!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

And why was I ignored!

The Criticizer said...

oh man sorry for that!
.... "Saqa6a sahwan! I apologize.

What's up with your blog?

iNoor said...

Nope I don't. I thought you know that!

Agooool, bedal la tabchy b your holy corner, roo7 wazzi3 Vimto.
o ma2joor mo8adaman!

KJ said...

Actually Enigma, if the street is too wide then the radar cannot detect the right lane, so that is why it is infinity as well!

Evil Knievel said...

hehehe... you even have color in yours ... :P

MacaholiQ8 said...

God bless Adobe Illustrator. ;)

I will update this post soon.