Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ready, Set ... COLD

What's really funny is as much as we think that's cold we get to see exapts wearing shorts and T's around Sultan Center. Now is it cold or what? I don't know anymore, all I know is make sure you wear everything on your way out and don't try to act like super-expats.

21 comments: said...

Well, it's not realy cold, it's more like spring weather..

it's said it's going to be cold soon, I hope so!!!!

Enigma said...

those damn expats lol

i just went out and its 13 degrees but it felt cold

moocherx said...

While I was home (England) over Christmas, it rarely got above 1c during the day. That's enough for a sweater and a warm jacket.

So the 15-16c I saw in Kuwait over the weekend's quite pleasant, not cold.

Sure, 8c driving to work this morning needs a sweater max.

Anyone wearing shorts should be shot though. I've seen some pretty rotten looking legs around.

La Reine said...

super expats!! LOL

KJ said...

what's sadder is that dubai's weather hasn't yet dipped below 25 during the day

intlxpatr said...


When I moved into an apartment in Germany, my landlady told me the previous Americans "had even worn shorts and T-shirts in January!"

I soon learned why. We had in-floor heating, very efficient, so efficient we were dying from too much heat in the cold blasts of winter. We had no control over the thermostat, and they lived upstairs - I guess they didn't get as much heat as we did, because I was wearing shorts and t-shirts and they would be wearing sweaters. We had to open our windows, on the coldest days, to survive the heat!

fonzy said...

the weather was perfect on the weekend but today am freezing my ass off!! and this shud last for another four days!

TAT said...

I just keep a jacket and a hoody in the car and an umbrella just to be safe

Kinano said...


I am wearing at least 4 layers :S

Swair said...

I hate it when it's cold and I'm sick... so unfair!

Bashar said...

It's not cold that bothers me I love it. Its wind and dust :(

The Criticizer said...

Your prayers have been answered, with dust. :P

It is cold. They just immune to it. :/

LMAO @ "rotten looking legs"! xD
Yeah, at least a sweater, not shorts damn it!

la reine:

I heard it's snowing out there. :P

lol! That's out of control.

That reminds me of my old room, I used to always keep the heater tuned on so when I get back home on a cold day it's always warm inside (hot actually). ;)

Yep. Hope the dust comes down though.

Likewise here but without the umbrella.

You need to gain fat. :P

Salamat. You have a whole week. Just pray the dust comes off.

Exactly. :/

Ms Loala said...
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Ms Loala said...


What do you say? Their winter is like -764764 c in here so give 'em a break.

We shiver if it's only 20 :P

Anonymous said...

I was returning from the university when I saw this guy and remembered u:)

see the snow all over

ge0 said...

I was returning from the university when I saw this guy and remembered u:)

see the snow all over

The Criticizer said...

lol, true!

LOL!!! xD
Now that's blog-worthy.. thanks!

::: ShoSho ::: said...

LoL sorry about that.. I haven't seen dust in ages though!
I have the in floor heating too in Switzerland it's like summer inside lol!

The Criticizer said...

It's all good, the weather has cleared up now.

Murqab said...

dude .. i just came from the US

its - 14c there .. o here its like 14c

so .. 9al 3al nebyyy zaaain

i actually feel like the expats .. its not that cold here in kuwait

and the myth that says .. bard el kuwait nashif o y3awer o ydesh bil 3athem .. its a myth o bullshit

The Criticizer said...

lol, today it went -1 in the desert. :D