Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pimp My AAPL

In the last few years and until this day a lot of people in this world have something to do with Apple. iPod, iPhone, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac... You name them. Maybe posters or stickers of Apple, Inc. logo lying down somewhere in their life, or even craving to be part of the bitten apple cycle!

With all that hype you probably want something that will make you stand out between the crowd, something that shows the other Apple toys' collectors you're the one with the real deal... Well, look no further because now you can have the Luxury Apple!

Computer-Chopper offers the best pimp-my-ride style for customizing Apple products.

"Computer Choppers is hobby-turned-business of customizing computer cases, laptops, and electronics. We offer a variety of services from handmade custom cases to unique add-on modifications that set your computer apart from the rest. We provide customizing services to individuals and businesses around the globe. Our work has been featured in magazines and newspapers worldwide and continue receiving awards every year."

Golden MacBook Pro with Diamonds.
More golden products on Computer-Chopper website.


eshda3wa said...

totally lovin the pimped mac!

G and L said...

what WON'T they think of next..

iNoor said...

noh noh noh X(

I prefer it silver and simple as it is, or laser-engraved like zis one.


il3ameed said...

i want a metallic red mac pro!.. i know a person that has one and god.. its sexy!

*loves it.!*

Anonymous said...

Golden Apple mmmm

The Criticizer said...

Care to buy one and review it for us? :P

g & l:
Don't ask.. just keep observing. :P

I agree. When I posted about engraving Macs people ate me! (ya3ni kaloni) :P

Was it colored here in Kuwait?

With diamonds please. :P