Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My long term wish list...

Top of the line Mac Pro with everything possible.
7,470.901 KD*

Novidem kompressor (supercharger) for 350z.
4,188.694 KD*

Sony Alpha lenses
SAL135F18 - SAL35F14G
SAL100M28 - SAL16F28
Total of: 1,158.58 KD*

Barrett M107 .50 Caliber Rifle [watch this!]
2,199.74 KD*

* According to xe.com


iNoor said...

you wish :P

iNoor said...

*Noor gives Mac a dinar*

linusb said...

you wish, and I wish.

Hasan.B said...

Listik ghalya yam3awad

FourMe said...

I wish the last one to..

jaz said...

U forgot the GTR R35

ge0 said...

my wish list أكل كويتي:- مطبق سمك ـ اموش ربيان ـ قبوط

Me7sin said...

same list, but substitute the sony lenses for nikon, and the 350z to a liftkit...gun rocks *** (insert best word to describe a persons behind and a dumb mamal, other than a kuwaiti)

Navy Girl said...

woah !! rifle looks cool !! 7ada wana try using it !

KJ said...

Yes yes must have rifle!

Zed said...

i'd add a couple more items to that list

a classic 1960's car

and adriana lima

outkasty said...

only 1 wish, 1. I want to own all concept cars =/

Ms Loala said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fayoora said...

Shino y3nee Mac ib Sabi3talaf?

Ms Loala said...

7,470.901 KD for the Mac??!

Well .... i think your list is kinda affor..........
Oh what the hell, you need a loan, care for one? :P

The Criticizer said...

*takes the money and goes for shisha*

So it's a wishwish situation. :P

Yes, I'm open for donations. :P


That's for my 2nd wish list. :P

lol! I take it you haven't had any of those for a long long time! xD

LOL @ the last part! xD

navy g:
You can try mine when I get it. :P

Are you kind enough to buy it for me? :D

LOL @ A. Lima!!!! xD
I hate classic cars. :/

You don't want that, trust me. :/

Yes. :|

ms loala:
Haha! No way, I already have one (car loan) and your bank is ripping my pockets off!! Care to steal some money for me? xD

:::ShoSho::: said...

So you take alot of photos? Can't we see them?

Ms Loala said...

Oh my :\

They reduced the loans interest by 0.50%. I think this should do better than stealing ;P

Bashar said...

Just dont take things to the extreme with the last wish item!

I'd love to give it a test drive though

The Criticizer said...

Sure... You can start right here and soon I'll post some more.

ms loala:
They're still ripping our pockets off. :/

When I get mine I'll rent it to you... 3KD per round, special offer. :P

meeemo said...

i share two items with you ... #1 and #3 ... just change the brand to Nikon lenses :)

The Criticizer said...

Cool, Nikon is better than Sony in photography, period.

Oh and I recommend that you consider wish #4. :P

G-Funk said...

I got the top of the line Mac Pro :-p

The Criticizer said...


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