Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Yesterday I posted about the weather mentioning that there had been some sightings of super-expats wandering around wearing shorts in these cold days... Thanks to my fellow friend ge0 we now have a documented sighting of a super-expat in action! Although he's not in Kuwait but it's snowing out there!!


iNoor said...


ya 7obhom 7ag el-tizzilli6!! waaaaay baaaaaaard


Nicole said...

Not my type of cookie either.
But in Canada, someone told me, they stop wearing shorts and Sandals maybe at a few minus Celsius.
So, no wonder they keep wearing short at 10 Degrees in Kuwait ;)

fonzy said...

just cos its snowing, doesnt mean its cold ;) i used to snowboard in lebanon wearing a T-shirt. But i do agree with there being some of em super expats out there, am friends with one of them and he freaks me out when we go out.

Zed said...

i'd do the same thing, its the upper body that you have to keep warm, shorts are fine anytime of the year, and this pic looks like its been shot in canada

ge0 said...

they r adapted to it!

Anonymous said...

That's The Spirit!!!

Zed said...

ohhhhhhh ccaaaannnnaaaadddddddaaaaaaaaaaa

KJ said...

Super expats indeed. I think they're genetically modified

Ms Loala said...

I don't think it's an exapt thingy. I'm seeing lots of guys even kuwaities wearing shorts with heavy sweaters even if it's in the middle of the night in the desert!!
Now, if THAT doesn't freeze your vains inside i don't know what actually does!

The Criticizer said...

Yabelhum teji7ish. :P

Really? Never know that. I guess that makes them excused. :P

lol @ your friend.
Well I've heard it's not that cold when it snows, it the more humid the weather is the less it's cold I guess.

Nice theory. Let's see how you survive during this week with that method. :P

Exactly! We go out at 60c without trouble and they stay in doors when it goes up to 30c, and vise versa. :/

*gives fayoora the look* 0_o

I think so too. :/

ms loala:
Those are Super-Expats wannabes. :P