Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today at 7:00am my car stalled when I started it. I got this temperature on the gauge with "ICY" note. The second time it started ok but kept shaking a bit until the RPM dropped down under 1K.

The user guide says ICY indicates very low temperature for operating, the engine should be warmed up gently before driving and to be cautious about black ice!

Hmm... Do we get black ice in here? I don't think so.


Nicole said...

Cold indeed....bbbrrr....

But what on earth is black ice???

The Criticizer said...

"The term black ice is sometimes used to describe any type of ice that forms on roadways, even when standing water on roads turns to ice as the temperature falls below freezing. However, this use of the term black ice is not included in the American Meteorological Society Glossary of Meteorology." -- wikipedia

Enigma said...

i doubt we get that. is it me, or is this year colder than any other year??

abdvllah said...

I got 2.5 with a snow flake icon the other day. But my car started normally, and I just heated it up for about 2 mins since I was in a hurry, but the car ran just fine.

Anonymous said...

Whats the cars make/model? i havent seen that before.

The Criticizer said...

Yeah that's what I thought.
It is the coldest.

What's your car?


iNoor said...

شعندك 7 الصبح؟ مقاول؟

abdvllah said...


moocherx said...

-1c last week, driving to work in Wafra

The Criticizer said...

e7na nas endawim o lina allah, mo ba66aliya. :P

Zgirt. :P

Yeah today it's all over the news papers. It took them a week. :/

KJ said...

Damn that's cold :(

*enjoys 20C sunny Dubai*

The Criticizer said...

The weather here is unpredictable. Today it went up to 19c in the morning then dropped down to 7c in the evening. :/