Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why I love StatCounter

"Techies" know EXACLTY why we love such web-tools...

Answer: You get *F-ed* UP!

*cracks up in laughter* xD

Wow, I'm flattered, people are googling my origin!

To whoever was investigating and to whom it may concern... my roots are from Saudi, originally from Al-Ahsa. My grandfather is the only one of five brothers moved to Kuwait early in the 20th century. If you want to know more about me ask and I'll send you my biography, CV, dental records, and my underwear size.



:::ShoSho::: said...

LoooooooL Funny! I don't know what is it with people and origin in Kuwait !! Honestly I still don't know if many famillies are originated from where or if they are Shitte or Sunni lol people give me that weird look as if I am stupid.. Well, I don't care!

Enigma said...

loooooooooool shesalfa? where'd they get this idea anyway?

Anonymous said...

what is statcounter?

moocherx said...

Do you have all your own teeth?


Anonymous said...

LLOOOLL! Mac, tell us more about StatCounter!

KJ said...

You wear underwear?! O_O

Anonymous said...

In the end we are all arabs lol

Anonymous said...

loool, you really cracked me on this post!!

Anonymous said...

I had to go get StatCounter. Pretty cool.

Outkasty said...

haw hatha wain!?

Ms Loala said...


"looks around"

I should give that link a look!

The Criticizer said...

Unfortunately a lot of people care. :/

I think it's because I'm Sayyed, if that makes sense to you. :/

Next topic in my blog.

Yes but I need concrete braces. :P

Nifty, eh? :P

Shh!!! >_<

True but who'd understand?
Besides, they were looking for persians not arabs. :P


Don't ask, I just found out. :/

ms loala:
You certainly should.

elijah said...

look at mine:

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unsilenced 2
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winding road images 1
to wash 1
man have sex with women 1
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hot and cold 1
birthday wishes for sister 1

Search Views

to wash 12
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Enigma said...

Yeah, I knew that (from another blogger). But as far as I can remember, you never discussed roots on your blog- that's what I meant.

elijah said...

oh i forgot to ask, what size underwear do u wear? :P

c'mon u just made us curious :P

The Criticizer said...

*gasp* wth!!!!! LOL
I wear medium, thank you. :P

Ee that's what they're trying to find out, whether I had a post disclosing my roots or not. :/

Bashar said...

Hmm... I've heard quite good things about it, the snapshot looks clean and simple. But how does it compare to Google Analytics?

The Criticizer said...

I prefer statcounter overall but that's me.