Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Floss | New Apple Products

MacBook Air (@MacRumors)
Not as practical as I thought yet very sleek and unique.

Apple Tv - Upgraded.

Time Capsule
Backup innovation. This one's pretty cool.


Enigma said...

it's really nice, but where do they put all the hardware ?!

Enigma said...


snookie said...

oh man i was disappointed too.. :/ i liked the time capsule tho as well..

p.s. i changed the background of my theme! still makes u dizzy? ;P

Linus said...

The time capsule sounds cool! I'm setting my plans to get one soon lol!

Anonymous said...

I really like the mac book air but mmm but I need to read the reviews first before I decide to go for one :)

Anonymous said...

I love it bas prefer the iMac.
ilyoum i heard people talking about it .. chan adish bisalfa .. I DONT EVEN KNOW THEM LOOOL..

What a way to meet people
Talk about Macbookair .. hahaha

iNoor said...

ماك بووك أير بيعطيييك جوييينيييح

بس الـ تيكنيكال سبيكس تبعو منا عاجبتني

بدّي ماك بووك بروووووووو

KWT23 said...

put all the sexiness aside...wut will the macbook air really give its users. To me, practicaly nothing. I think the best part of yesterday's keynote was the time capsule.

kwt23 said...

i don't want to change your mind or anything (i actually want u to convince me to switch to mac :P) ... but i think u might want to check this:

Ms Loala said...

I don't see the MacBook Air as practical and reliable as the other MacBooks.
The look suggests so, although it looks attractive.

The Criticizer said...

There were images of its components, look it up.
And that price is for the one with SSD. It is worth every fils!

Oh you didn't have to! lol .. thanks anyways. ;)

Count me in too. :P

Simply don't. Wait for 2nd Gen. MacBook Air or better yet the new MacBook Pro.

lol! Yallah go for the iMac, but I get a free test drive! :P

You had one right in front of you and your turned it down. :/

Thanks for the link. My reply @ your blog so you won't miss it.

ms laola:
I guess we'll have to wait and see if that's true.

kwt23 said...

i dunno how the macworld keynote works....bes won't there be more products to be shown today or tomorrow at macworld 2008???

The Criticizer said...

More products? These were the only new updates/upgrades at Apple + Office 2008.

kwt23 said...

3ayal wen should i expect an upgraded MBP?

cuz i've got some notebooks i have my eye long approx. am i going to wait for a MBP upgrade?

The only reason i'm waiting is cuz of Penryn.

The Criticizer said...

Soon I guess.