Thursday, January 10, 2008

Top 10 | TAG

I'm bored and everyone's welcome to do this tag...

List 10 of your all time favorite songs:-

  • In Loving Memory - Alter Bridge
  • Blackbird - Alter Bridge
  • So Far Away - Staind
  • Zoe Jane - Staind
  • Losing My Religion (cover) - Anouk
  • Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
  • End of the World (acoustic) - Cold
  • Cold - Crossfade
  • Lips of an Angel (acoustic) - Hinder
  • Maybe Tomorrow - Stereophonics
Direct tags: ms loala, fayoora, outkasty, chikapappi, elijah, enigma, kinan, 3baid.
ps: As I mentioned, everyone's welcome to do this tag. If you don't want to create a new entry on your blog just leave your list in my comments.


iNoor said...

I'm glad u didn't tag me xD

Linus said...

We have the same taste in music lol

snookie said...

are those rock bands?

i dunno how i can choose top 10 fave anything.. theres just too many to choose only 10!

pink said...

cool.. ur choice in music is just exactly mine.

il3ameed said...

we have the same taste in music! about 6 of those songs are on my favorites list xD

Ms Loala said...

I thought you don't like tags you hypocrate rock lover!


Anonymous said...

-Haibat Malik, 3abdelmajeed

-Yamhajer , 7atim il 3iraqi

-I say a little prayer for you, Michael Buble

-Whiskey Lullaby Brad Paisley

-I can't stop thinking of you, Deja vu *Listening to it now*


Ma3aref min ur songs ila losing my religion ;P

Navy Girl said...

here without & lips of an angle !!!!!!!!!!! the best :D

KWT23 said...

i love crossfade's cold :)

Anonymous said...

nice choice :)

Anonymous said...

Unchained Melody
Here There and Everywhere - Beatles
Something in the Way She Walks - Beatles
Poison - Alice B Cooper
As Tears Go By - Stones
96 Tears
I'll Be There (MoTown)
Once in Royal David's City
In My Life (Beatles) (all time favorite)

Anonymous said...

OMG! Brokenhearted Melody - Sarah Vaughn

The Criticizer said...

Linus, pink, il3ameed
Glad to know there are people who share my taste in music.

I knew you wouldn't do it so why bother. :P

Yes, rock and altern-rock. My mood. :P
Just shoot any random songs of your most fav.

ms loala:
LOL!! *busted*
There's a difference... I started this tag! xD

*scratches all arabic songs*
Three songs. Not bad.
ee my taste is kinda shisma. :P

navy g:
If you like it you'll definitely like most of my list. ;)

One of the best songs I've ever heard. Gotta listen to the acoustic version. ;)


I can never force myself to like the beetles.
Great list nonetheless, thanks for sharing. :D

outkasty said...

LOL 10 wayed, 3 ok?
1. sometimes (nickelback)
2. rockstar (nickelback)
3. hotel california (eagles)

Elijah said...

Miisssssssssed youuuu and your tags :D

Anonymous said...

Wooo Hoooooo! A comment from Elijah!

The Criticizer said...

7 more. Yallah.

Whoa! How are you?!!! Glad to know you're still around... Sorry for the tag but that was just a desperate way to get you back in here! :D

Yes yes yes she's back! *throws a party* :D

Kinano said...

1. Losing My Religion - REM
2. The Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkle
3. In a Country Churchyard - Chris De Burgh
4. Beautiful Dreams - Chris De Burgh
5. The Hardest Part - Coldplay
6. Holiday - Greenday
7. Porcelain - Moby
8. Where the Streets Have No Name - U2
9. Mad About You - Hooverphonics
10. Come What May - Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman

The Criticizer said...

Nice taste Kinan. :D