Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Operation Rehabilitation | Week 7

I don't know what to say...

I don't even dare to tell how many I've smoked this week.

Hell I have even lost count, all I know is that I smoked A LOT! :(

Operation Rehab will soon come to an end.
This current week will be the last.

The last week to show my determination...
... or maybe the last week to show how weak I am.

Pray for me.

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chikapappi said...

Hmm.. you sound desperate! I pray for you, shift addiction ;)

eshda3wa said...

dont give up!

Anonymous said...

and you were doing so good :(
I had high hopes for you

Inshalla you will make it though without any next week

Anonymous said...


KJ said...

Don't give up dude, come on you are stronger than that! You're a PE teacher for the love of God.. you can do trillions of pushups and run billions of kilometers. You can do this!

Anonymous said...

you were doing great then how did you fall!!! ?? good luck for next week :)

Princess said...

hmmm dnt be so hard on urself babes, dnt give up and at least in the end u've proven to urself that u can itqalil min il sheesha, and that u have the will power in most cases to say no..

and wer3y is right sheesha is good!

Anonymous said...


Its reallyy shitty bad. you started for a reason.. finish it.

I actually dare you!

elijah said...

Hey you can't let a girl win can ya?!!!

At least I lasted for a few months!! Get your @$$ back to the gym and stop being a baby!!

Zed said...

haha i knew you wouldn't last, and i warned you, dont do it before ramadan, shishas and ramadan go togther like peanut butter and jelly

Intlxpatr said...

Think Flugtag. You want to be in your best shape for Flugtag. You want to win! Cmon Mac, you can do this. It doesn't matter what last week looked like, today, TODAY is a new day. Start today. You can do this!

(You changed schools didn't you? Some people would have just suffered in silence.)

You CAN do this! said...

its the wrong month to quit! ramadan doesnt make it easy!

il3ameed said...

allah y3eenik
shid 7ailik

dont give up, ma yiswa, a7sanlik u give up lena think of whats gna happen if u quit trying

bil tawfeeg 7abeeb

Ms Loala said...

Don't give up, you just need time that's all.
You're already occupied with job and stuff, i wonder why it's not working :\

Very.Q8ya said...

3ala ishway ishway y'll quit inshallah

latthayyeg khelgek =/ o ba3dain gitlek iksirha =```]

Navy Girl said...

yeah dont give you !! rememeber its a BET !!! oh and i believe you can do it bro :D

Anonymous said...

laaaaaaaa 5ala9!! fegdna alamal feek :P

Fayoora said...

3ade everyone have their down times every now and then, mo ma3nata 3alashan you couldnt control yourself this time then u give up.
bil3ax, its a sign of strength ina after this week of losing it, you keep on trying..

Kinano said...

you're putting too much pressure on yourself mate! Take it easy and cut yourself some slack.

It's not easy and you shouldn't expect it to be so. Just try your best and then try some more.

Beating yourself up over it is not gonna help :D

Good luck buddy :D :D :D

elijah said...

Are you boycotting me :(

Anonymous said...

Is Adobes CS3 Downlaodable ?
wela i gotta buy them?

Anonymous said...

Where is the adress?

The Criticizer said...

Shift to what? :/

I think I already did. :(

Next week? I don't think so. Maybe next year. :(

Good for the mood, bad for my F-ing health. :/

LOL! I wish I could. :P

This week isn't going well either. :(

I'm too desperate to say no. :(

blue dress @ #1:
I don't even dare to dare you. :(

Ramadan and Gym don't match.
Quitting shisha and Ramadan don't match.
You're already a winner. :'(

I didn't see that coming. I never realized rehab will clash with Ramadan this year. :(

I can do it, unfortunately not this time. :(

You're right.

Thanks. I will keep on trying even after Operation Rehab.

ms laola:
I don't know how I manage to find the time to "shishing". :/

I'll break a bunch of bones. That way I won't be able to drive all the way to the cafe. That's my last resort. :(

navy g:
I've already lost :(

Sadly, yes. :(

fayoora @ #1:
Like I did even try this week? Heh. I need to be shot in the head.

Thanks for wishing me luck but seems I won't be needing it anymore, I've already screwed it up. :'(

I would never do that. :)

Fayoora @ #2:
It is downloadable. You probably can find it @ (site is currently down).
Though finding the ME version will be a hard Hard HARD task. Let me know if you ever find it.

@ Blue Dress #2:
What address? :/

Anonymous said...

Your movie! ok i can give you the guys number mal il dvd oo he gives it to you .

the prize remember!

Navy Girl said...



The Criticizer said...

blue dress:
Reply @ your blog

Navy G.:
I say so. I have lost this current bet. I might start over after ramadan.

Navy Girl said...

laaaaaaaaa you didnt not yet .. dont give up not that easily .. you did a good job wala !! c'mon bro just cheer up ;) i know you can do it .. those people who did before you are no better !